Why I Hate Taxes

no taxesI hate taxes.  There.  I said it.  Most sane people would agree with me.  I work hard for the money I earn and don’t think that I should have to give any of it away to people who can do with it what they see fit.  It just doesn’t seem very fair.  After moving to the United States 15 years ago, I’ve come to realize that I hate taxes even more than I did before, and I didn’t think                                                 that was possible. 

In America, the people who earn the most money pay the least amount of taxes while the middle class, who are struggling to make ends meet in today’s society, are paying more taxes.  It would be different if we actually saw some value from our contributions.  Americans actually pay 15-20% less in taxes than what is paid in the UK, but there is hardly anything to show for it.  There is no national health care system that guarantees a member will not go bankrupt in the event of a serious medical condition.  There is no free or inexpensive higher education.  Parents have to start saving for college before their children are even born, and once a child graduates from college, they are usually in so much debt it takes half of their life to pay it off.  There is no money for childcare, and families spend a huge portion of their salaries paying for childcare, which almost defeats the purpose of even working.  But it is impossible for a family to survive on one salary while the other parent stays at home with the children. 

The U.S. spends billions on the military, national security, and big pharmaceutical companies while the taxpayers who are giving the government their money are getting nothing in return.  What about the 50 potholes I drive over every day to work?  The roads all over this country are in terrible condition, causing damage to vehicles and costing people thousands of dollars in repairs.  Don’t get me started on the education system in America.  Most schools are a joke, funding is cut every year, teachers make hardly any money, and the future of the country, the children, are suffering because of this.  It seems like the police are always around to issue speeding citations and parking tickets, but the minute there is a shooting or dangerous situation, they are nowhere to be found.  Taxes should be used on things that can benefit the citizens of the country, not on things that will benefit the government and large corporations. 

Another reason I hate paying taxes is because they are so in-your-face in America.  Sales tax is added on to the price of whatever you buy, making everything even more expensive and reminding everyone that they could probably afford it if it weren’t for all the taxes being taken out of their paychecks every month.  Then, on top of everything else, you have to file a complicated tax return every year that spells out exactly how much money you shelled out to the government for what seems like nothing. 

So my proposed solution is that everyone pays a flat 15% of their income and it is used on particular things that everyone votes on, things that will benefit everyone.  Then whatever is left over can be used to pay for national security and everything else the government says we so desperately need…but I guess this is why I’m not a politician.

Kevin T